Our Story

Cloister Suites is the realization of our dream: dedicating ourselves to all-round hospitality, thinking about the care of the guest in every little detail. Our family has over a decade of experience in hospitality on the Amalfi Coast.

Inspirations and history

Cloister Suites stands in an ancient residence that housed those who came to visit the Bishop’s Curia. In ancient times, therefore, it housed laity and clergy of high rank and prestige, who enjoyed the centrality of the structure and its proximity to Amalfi Cathedral and the Cloister of Paradise.
It was precisely the proximity of the structure to the Cloister, partially visible from the balcony overlook, as well as the historical function of the apartment, that inspired the design idea, name and logo of Cloister Suites.

Within the pages of the suites, the reader can find inspirations that refer to the Rape of Proserpine, which inspired the carved marble Sarcophagus dating back to the second half of the second century A.D., kept inside the Cloister of Paradise. 

The Rape of Proserpine

The tale refers to the myth of Proserpine’s arrival on earth bringing with her the creative breath of rebirth, coinciding with Spring, and her return to Hades, corresponding to the winter seasons.